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Fresh Produce

Always Fresh By Our Chef!


Fresh, nutritious meals cooked and baked onsite by our in-house cook.

Our meals and snacks are always:


  • Cooked daily with fresh meat, vegetables and fruits

  • Accommodating to children's dietary restrictions and allergies

  • An array of colours, shapes, temperatures, and textures to promote variety

  • Promote and support diversity to include dishes that reflect various cultures and traditions.


What your child eats throughout the day has a serious impact on their ability to learn and play.

We take nutrition very seriously and believe that healthy bodies equal healthy minds.

Our daily menu includes one hot home-style meal and two delicious and nourishing snacks made from fruits, vegetables, dairy, and grain.


Our menu is:


  • Nut and allergen free

  • Seasonally adjusted

  • Modified every 4 weeks for nutritional variety

  • Well-balanced as per Child Care and Early Years Act (CCEYA) and Canada’s Food Guide

  • Customizable for children with food allergies, gluten and dairy sensitivities or restrictions.

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