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Educational Toys

Our Philosophy

Our programs contain a blended curriculum that is focused on  Montessori, Play-based and Reggio philosophies of learning.

Our Programs strives to:


  1. Meet the individual developmental needs of the whole child;

  2. Promote child-led and active exploration opportunities in a carefully planned and inclusive learning environment;

  3. To foster positive relationships, maintain communication and support continuous learning between staff, children, families and community partners; and

  4. Document and reflect on the effectiveness of our program

In our programs you will see:


  • A wide variety of open-ended play and learning materials in loosely defined areas so that the children can freely use the materials to support their exploration, inquiry and play with bodies, minds and senses.

  • Periodic visits from and to community partners such as the local library, fire and police departments to enhance the children’s experiences.

  • Pictures of the children engaged in work, play, and learning stories that documents the children’s experiences and feedback from parents posted on our website and information board.


In our programs you will hear:


  • Dialogue between staff and children that support problem solving and co-learning throughout the day.

  • Daily communication and the exchange of information with families and staff.

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