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(14 Months - 30 Months)

Our Toddler Program offers a group environment with a flexible schedule that includes plenty of stimulating indoor and outdoor experiences. A balance of structure and free play opportunities are provided throughout the day where they are exposed to a variety of learning materials. Children are given the chance to play, learn and explore independently, in small groups, and as part of a larger group. ​

The goals of our Toddler program include the following:

  • Care of self (increased independence, including toilet training)

  • Care of the environment (putting materials where they belong)

  • Development of hand – eye coordination

  • Development of vocabulary, numeracy and language skills

  • Development of gross motor skills

  • Development of grace and courtesy

  • Development of independent work habits, including making independent work choices

  • Gradual separation from the primary caregiver



In our toddler group a child's primary motor coordination, independence and language are cultivated.  Rather than a classroom, it is a nurturing environment where very young children experience their first structured contact with other children.

  • Everything in the environment is proportionate to the child's size and is designed to be safe and aesthetically pleasing for the child.

  • The toddler classroom is simpler and slower paced than the Preschool classroom.


Toddlers are given opportunities to work in the development of language and numeracy skills, art, music, sensorial and practical life skills.

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